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How to Let Go of Toxic Relationships

  Ugh, people can be toxic!! You know the ones I am talking about right? The emotional vampires, the narcissists, the friends or family members that say they love you but tell you that you need to be more realistic because pursuing your dreams is childish. These kinds of people can suck the life out […]

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29 Days of Love: Day 1

In honor of February, the month of love (Thanks Valentine’s Day), I want to share with you something I love each day this month. Things that bring a smile to my face. Things that my heart swell with joy. Things that make my soul soar with the hope and possibilities of love. Last night FOX […]

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My Mantra for 2016

My new mantra and manifesto: LOVE YOUR ADVENTURE. We are all on our own journeys through life, searching for that ultimate happiness and success we all crave. For some, it is the nice house with the family and the dog. For others, it’s to visit every country on the planet and discover all the wonders of […]

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How to Find your Soulmate in 5 Easy Steps

Love is possible. Your soul mate exist. There is someone out there who is searching for someone like you as we speak! Believe it because it happened to me. Yup, I found my soulmate while traveling in Thailand and we fell in love. I’m not talking about the three-day romance or the steamy few night hook […]

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How to tell if your friend is toxic

Are you questioning the friends in your life? Not sure if your significant other is good for you? We live in a world where man is basically good. However, there are people out there who are what I call “emotional vampires.” They suck your energy and your love away from you until you are drained, […]

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Finding Happiness in Thailand

What an amazing adventure this has been! As I sit on the plane flying back to Bangkok, I reflect on my trip and realize how much good has transpired. Life in LA was not making me happy at all. In fact, I didn’t even realize how miserable I was until I got to Chiang Mai. […]

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