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The art of attracting money

Happy Hump Day! Or in my world, it’s #WealthWednesday! The art of attracting money. Sometimes it can feel like a bitch. STORY TIME! With six planets in retrograde now, I started to get upset that sales started dwindling down. This can’t happen!! This was not my intention!! I wanted sales to be consistent!! How can […]

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What does FREEDOM look like to you?

LET FREEDOM RING! Happy Independence Day! The Fourth of July used to be a day where I was super excited to grill hamburgers and eat hot dogs and rock my red lipstick while sipping a cool ice tea by my friend’s pool during a fun BBQ gathering. It was honestly more of an excuse to […]

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Success can happen at any age

Lately, I’ve been hearing quite a few people say that they are getting too old to be pursuing their dreams. But success can happen at any age, right? I started to question my own journey of fulfilling all the magnanimous dreams in my head. Am I too old? Have I lost my chance? Is it past my […]

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How to Save $1500 for Your Next Trip

Dreaming of traveling to an exotic location is easy. Saving money to actually go there is… not so easy. Clearly, I have a desire to travel a lot this year (see my Bucket List Page). So, I thought I would share with you one way that I save up money to travel! Last year I saved up […]

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9 Steps to Create Your Own 100 Tools eBook

I talked with several different successful online entrepreneurs, and they all said that their best opt-in offer was their 100 Tools and Resources eBook. The conversion rates was almost DOUBLE their other free offers. Obviously, I had to create one of my own to test it out! Excited, I started writing down all these amazing tools […]

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5 Best Travel Gadgets to Pack

For all you social media lovers who want to stay connected on your travels, here is a list of the essential best travel gadgets to take with you on your travels! Less is more, so bringing one device that offers multiple functions is ideal. You’re probably thinking about all the possible gadgets you could take. […]

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