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You have a dream of making a huge impact as an artist. You’ve been busting your butt to make sh*t happen, but that money isn’t rolling in like you wanted.
Creating your art is now work. It’s not fun anymore. You’re lost in a tidal wave of confusion, but you have no idea which way to paddle. You’re exhausted.
You’ve tried all these different ways to get your art noticed to no avail. That fire or spark inside you that ignited your dreams of being a successful artist has been snuffed out.

I totally get it. It sucks. And is so frustrating!

Being an artist is one of the most difficult professions because there is no one right way to get to the top. One person was born into it. Another person got discovered on Youtube. And another one got her break after YEARS of being rejected in the conventional route.

So, let me ask you a question:
Do you want to play their game or do you want to create your own destiny?

Any Jane Doe can conform herself to the molds that have dictated by unimaginative minds. It seems like the easier and faster thing to do to remove all the special things about yourself and just make yourself out to be a cookie cutter version of what you see on TV. That’s what sells. That hottie made it. So, you should be just like her. However, it takes a truly special, creative, and unique voice to stand out from the crowd and become a star.

Guess what?

You are that voice! You are a star!

Are you ready to become the hero of your own story? And make money doing what you love?

If you said YES!, then I am talking to you!

Success starts by saying YES to YOU.

Are you ready to reclaim your purpose and start loving your passion for your art again?

Are you ready to own who you are and be proud of the work you produce?

Are you ready to create a strategy plan that FEELS GOOD and launches you into success?



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My name is Alicia Ying, and I train fellow actors and artists just like you to re-build their passion and develop smart strategies that launch them into star-studded success. As a success strategist and dream fulfillment coach, I turn my client’s artistic dreams into an star-studded money-making reality.

When I finally stepped out of the matrix of the Hollywood industry and built up my own confidence, my success as an artist blossomed instantaneously. I started to see the truth about how Hollywood worked and began to work the system for myself. Sure enough, I started to succeed and felt so much happier and EMPOWERED.

I applied the things I discovered to my acting clients and they started booking left and right. This was amazing! I knew I had to help more artists fulfill their dreams because they all deserve a chance to share their incredible talent and messages with the world.

I believe that you can make money doing what you love in a way that’s FUN. I’m here to show you that you can do it too! 

Who I Work With

I’m SUPER passionate about working with artists
who have a strong purpose and a positive message
that they want to promote through their artwork.
They are the dreamers, the visionaries, the warriors,
the heroes of this world.
They want to succeed because they have a mission
to be a positive role model for the up and coming generation.
They are dying to have their voices be heard.

I work with:

Either Or Choice


If you are ready to:

– Re-discover your purpose
– Become inspired by your art again
– Learn how to get noticed effectively
– Create a strategic plan that is FUN
– Start developing relationships with the right people
– Become the hero of your story

Then the Passion to Paychecks Course is for you!

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This is a self-study course so you can take your time going through each module.
After completing it, you are going to be a force to be reckoned with!
(Roll out the red carpet!)

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