Dreaming of traveling to an exotic location is easy. Saving money to actually go there is… not so easy. Clearly, I have a desire to travel a lot this year (see my Bucket List Page). So, I thought I would share with you one way that I save up money to travel!

Last year I saved up $1500 to start my travels this year with the 52 Week Money Challenge. It was really fun, and I found it very motivating to see that pile of money grow! Here’s what it looks like:

52 Week MONEY Challenge

How it works: every week you put money in your savings. You start by putting in $1 the first week and increase the amount every week. If you do this, you will have $1,378. That could buy you 137 Thai massages in Thailand! Woot woot! More importantly, $1,378 could easily buy you a plane ticket to your dream destination. Score!


  1. Find a mason jar, old coffee can, or shoebox to put your money in. Put this jar, can, or shoebox in your closet. This way you won’t be as tempted to dip into it. If you are feeling creative, decorate it with a sign that says “Travel Fund” or “Bali Adventure” or whatever you are saving up for!
  2. Print out the chart and put it up in a place where you can see it. If you want to save paper or like doing this digitally, download my version here: 52 WEEK MONEY CHALLENGE PDF.  You can use Adobe Reader to type in your dates and check off each week as you go!
  3. Give yourself permission to check off the weeks out of order. This helped me so much! For example, if you get a bonus at work or a big tip from someone, check off Week 50 and put $50 in your travel jar. If you are strapped another week, check off Week 5 and put $5 in your travel jar. This way it will take the pressure off of having to find 50 extra bucks during Christmas time if you have done that week earlier in the year.

What money saving tips have helped you save enough to travel? Comment below. I’d love to hear about them!

Here’s to exciting adventures in 2016!

Much Love,