In honor of February, the month of love (Thanks Valentine’s Day), I want to share with you something I love each day this month. Things that bring a smile to my face. Things that my heart swell with joy. Things that make my soul soar with the hope and possibilities of love.

Last night FOX aired “Grease: Live”, a musical I was eager to see. To steal USA Today’s review of it, “Grease is the word. And the word is… OK.” I was really excited because I have this love for Aaron Tveit (Broadway star and now tv star on USA’s “Graceland”) . He has this wonderful tone that makes me smile. Such an amazing singer!

Unfortunately, Aaron was AWFUL as Danny Zuko.  As my best friend put it, he was totally a wet noodle! He didn’t have that cool, popular, bad boy that this character needs. He lacked that spunk and youthful exuberance. It was cringe-worthy to watch. He just looked so bored performing. Like he was too bored to even try. Like he was marking the whole thing. I officially had to end my love affair with him (Sorry Aaron). Devastating, I know.

I was thinking about who I’d cast instead of Aaron Tveit, and I immediately thought of Jeremy Jordan. Now, that’s a guy who gives me butterflies every time he sings!  Jeremy is raw, he’s passionate, he’s invested, he’s… every girl’s dream! Or at least this girl’s dream guy. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have Jeremy Jordan sing with me every night…

I first fell in love with Jeremy Jordan when he was staring as Jack Kelly in Broadway’s Disney musical “Newsies.” I scored a front row dead center lottery ticket to the show where I got to see Jeremy perform up close and personal. I cannot even begin to describe how freaking amazing he was! And to top it all off, the chorus was comprised of exceptional dancers from “So You Think You Can Dance.” I mean, Disney songs, super hot boys singing and dancing right in front of me, Alex Wong, Jeremy Jordan… YES PLEASE THANK YOU MORE!!

For those of you who don’t know who he is, here’s a video of him singing. The song is a Kerrigan-Lowdermilk original called “Run Away With Me.” A romantic song sung so beautiful by Jeremy… Yes— I will run away with you any day!

I LOVE this song. And I love Jeremy singing it. Aaron Tveit also does a version of it, but Jeremy’s is better 🙂 I love what this song means and what it stands for. I would love for some guy to sing this song to me. This to me is love in every sense of the word. It’s that CONNECTION, from soul to soul, that to me, indicates true love. Doesn’t every person want that?

Love is… BRIGHT. Love is BOLD. Love is a declaration. Love is eternal. When there is this kind of love that oozes out of Jeremy, what else in the world do you really need?

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 9.41.19 PM
Jeremy Jordan singing “Run Away With Me”

What song makes you feel loved? What songs make you swoon? Write them in the comments below.

Run Away with me quote

Write your favorite lyric from your favorite song in the comments below that makes you feel LOVE and I’ll make a graphic for you for free! It’s my way of spreading the love this month.

Here’s to all of us finding that passion and vigor and dancing-on-clouds connection!

All Love,