Well, we are full blown into a retrograde period, WHICH MEANS–


We get to really re-evaluate our systems and beliefs and how we go about getting what we want.


The main message of Mercury and Chiron going retrograde is to




And in order to be the leader/CEO/boss babe/Khaleesi of our lives, we need to start taking ownership of our lives (aka take back our power).


In order to take ownership of our lives, we need to first become comfortable with ourselves. Our minds, our bodies, our soul, including our past.


And in order to be fully comfortable with ourselves, we have to fully love ourselves first.


This is the theme of this week as well as the theme of this video.


Click the image below to watch it all! 


And remember– I do the whole Pick-A-Card Channeled Guidance in the 2nd half of the video too!

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Success ALWAYS starts by saying YES to YOU.

And just because you think you’re unworthy or if someone tells you that you are unworthy, it doesn’t make it true.

You are worthy and deserving AF 

To take the time to sort through old wounds

To shift to more self-acceptance

And to receive an overflow of love, money, and success that you want.

This week, take a moment to reflect.
Then RISE!

You are so ready to receive all you’ve wanted and more!

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