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Even though I am frugal by nature, a girl still wants to look good in all her photos! When you backpack, you will want to pack as little as possible since you will be trucking around all that weight on your back. Here are my tips on packing the perfect kit to keep you looking flawless with the least amount of products! Click on the video below for more beauty tips and to see how I apply it!


Make-up Essentials:
* Primer
* HD Foundation
* Matte foundation
* Matte powder
* Bronzer
* Blush
* Eye shadow palate
* Eye brow pencil
* Eye liner
* Mascara
* Gloss

* Foundation Brush
* Compact blush brush
* Eye shadow brush
* Contour brush
* Brow bone brush

TIP #1: HD foundation keeps your skin looking flawless!
Invest the money in a good HD foundation. I use Makeup 4ever’s line. You will continue to use it in your daily life when you get back home. A little goes a long way with this, so the bottle should last you at least a two months!

TIP #2: Put matte powder in a pouf and carry the pouf with you for touch ups.
In order to keep a healthy glow and not look like you just walked out of a sauna, sprinkle some matte powder into a powder pouf (you can get a pack of 2 for only $3 at Ulta). Fold the pouf in half and press the powder into the pouf. Repeat the step a few times until you have a sufficient amount in the pouf. Place the pouf in a sandwich ziplock bag and stick it in your purse. Pull it out and press the pouf lightly on your t-zone or wherever you are shiny. Voila! Instant and easy touch-ups!

TIP #3 Bronzer can go anywhere!
Yes, put it underneath your cheek bones for a bit of contouring. However, you can also use it to contour your jaw line and use it as a quick eye shadow! It also looks great if you do a sweep over your collar bones for a little extra definition.

TIP #4 Eye shadow Palates are the best!
You really only need 4 shadow colors: 1 natural color, 1 crease color, 1 brow bone color, and 1 fun color (for a more dramatic and fun look). I got mine from MAC. I like theirs because you can buy the individual shadows to switch them out (and the palate shadows are several dollars cheaper than if you buy the same shadow in a pot! It’s all about getting more for less!

TIP #5 Use trial size products if you have them!
Got a drawer full of those gift-size or sample-size products? Bring them with you on your trip! If you are a member of something like Birchbox or go to Sephora often, all their little gift items are the perfect size to travel with. Especially mascara and lipsticks/lipglosses. Once you use them up, you can throw them away before you come home. It will give you a little more room for all your souvenirs you purchase along the way.

TIP #6 Organize your make-up and brushes with ziplock bags.
I love ziplock bags! Use a sandwich bag for your eye brown pencil, liner, mascara, and gloss. Use another one for your brushes. It will keep your brushes clean and away from any dirt and debris. It will also keep all your eye make-up in one place so it won’t get lost.

TIP #7 Smiling is the best way to look stunning.
Cheesy, I know. But it’s true! When I looked back at all the photos of me from my trip, the ones where I looked the most beautiful were the ones where my utter joy was radiating through my smile. Regardless of whether I had make-up on or none at all, that happiness was the best accessory I wore on my entire trip. So, let your inner beauty shine!

Much Love,




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Even though I am frugal by nature, a girl still wants to look good in all her photos! When you backpack, you will want to pack as little as possible since you will be trucking around all that weight on your back. Here are my tips on packing the perfect kit to keep you looking […]

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