Love is possible. Your soul mate exist. There is someone out there who is searching for someone like you as we speak! Believe it because it happened to me. Yup, I found my soulmate while traveling in Thailand and we fell in love. I’m not talking about the three-day romance or the steamy few night hook ups with a hottie. I’m talking about that incredible “you complete me” connection of mind, body, and soul. The stuff that fairy tales are made of. And you can find that too!


NOTE: These tips are for both guys AND gals. I’m just using the masculine pronoun to make it easier to read.

How to find your soul mate in 5 easy steps:

1. Decide what you want. If you’re not ready, he will not come. I know from first hand experience, that every time you say, “I want a boyfriend” but deep down you’re not ready, your soulmate will not come. You may meet guys who only want sex or who are not looking for a relationship. The moment you decide that you are ready and open and willing to meet your soulmate, he will appear. Also, be specific. Do you want a best friend? Someone you can laugh with? Someone who takes the lead? Someone who inspires you? I wrote down in my journal what my soulmate would be and I sh*t you not– he ended being every single one of those things and more!

2. Be available and open. Meet people. Stay at a hostel. Go to Full Moon Parties and group adventures. Strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you on the ferry. You never know if they are going to introduce you to your soulmate. And allow yourself to be surprised! The love of your life may not come in the package that you had always imagined. My soulmate was not my usual Abercrombie all-American type and yet, I was really attracted to him. He made me feel beautiful, not just hot or sexy, but beautiful. And he made me laugh! He made my heart sing. Best of all, he brought out the best in me. He saw the kindness in my heart and celebrated that. So, take a chance!!  YES TO THE YING TIP: It doesn’t matter what he looks like, but how he makes you feel.

3. Ask questions. Connect! This is easiest to do when traveling. Ask him where he has traveled to, which city has been his favorite, what adventures he wants to do while he’s abroad. The best way to connect is to find something that you agree on. So, talk to him. Listen. And hopefully you’ll find things that you have in common. For me and my soulmate, we started a strong connection because we both have fathers who left us when we were young. I shared my story and asked him about his. Turns out they were surprisingly similar. We understood what the other one went through and the connection kept growing from there.

4. Be yourself. I’m sure you’re probably thinking, “le DUH! I know that!”, but it’s so easy to try and impress someone by trying to be something that you think they want. The moment I dropped down my walls and just spoke from my heart, we started to really fall in love with each other. Inner beauty trumps outer beauty every time. Being who you truly are will attract the right guy to you. Even the guys who just want sex will respect you more if you stay true to who you are without the walls. You attract what you are, so be yourself, know that you are worth it, and you will attract the person that best compliments you!

5. Trust that the Universe is on your side. I was really down and out because I had a death grip on my need to find my soulmate and had been visualizing everyday for a month exactly how we were going to meet and fall in love. When it didn’t happen on the plane like I thought it would, I was devastated. I started to lose faith. Then I remembered that The Universe is on my side and is going to bring my soulmate to me in a way better than anything I could have imagined. I had to release my desperate need to find him and remember that The Universe works in mysterious ways, that I just needed to  put my desire out there. Well– sure enough, once I allowed The Universe to handle all the details, I met him two days later on a train. It turned out to be a better story than I could have imagined! Trust that The Universe has your back. It’s taken care of you thus far, right?


I hope this inspires you to find your soulmate and feel the excitement and joy that I experienced.  Declare. Release. Rejoice. Your soulmate is out there! Have you met your soulmate while traveling? Comment below and tell me your story! Love is in the air <3

Much Love,