Hello Gorgeous!


Who’s ready to SLAY their way through the next decade?! Because I certainly am!


If you have not been feeling aligned, that this Christmas/holiday time has not felt so festive, or that the energy is weird AF– you are not alone!

The astrology is aligned in such a way where we are finally asked to let go of these old, archaic ways of doing things we feel like we are “supposed” to do and reprogram our minds to follow our intuition instead. And doing that is hard when you’re feeling funky AF. (Don’t worry– I have a solution!)


[Side note: Why follow our intuition? Our intuition is never wrong. Let’s be real: when have you ever had your intuition/gut feeling/soul steer you in the wrong direction? Like, you had a gut feeling to do something and you did it and doing that totally f*cked you over? Never, right? Right! It’s only when we don’t listen to it that we get ourselves into trouble. So, why not start following our inner guidance more? #easeandflow] 


On the positive, we are entering into Capricorn season where taking methodical steps to reach your goals will be met with massive rewards. (Yay for abundance and overflow!!) This solar eclipse is bringing out intense energies that can bring you positive, rapid changes and miracles in every area of your life!! It’s the perfect time for a fresh start and to expect showers of love and money and success rain upon you!


HOWEVER– charting through your to do list and trying to figure out what IS your next step can be super scary, daunting, or anxiety-driven. Especially if you are battling analysis paralysis. (Trust me– I’m going through the exact same thing! #recoveringperfectionist)


In order to slay your way through the next decade, you’ll want to be able to quiet your mind, soothe your fears, and hear what your intuition/soul/Spirit guides/Universe is telling you.


SO– why not CREATE A SACRED SPACE in your home where you can do all that!



 Listen, I am all about Marie Kondo-ing my life and decluttering like a madwoman, BUT– getting rid of all your sh*t isn’t the whole answer to living your dream life or amplifying your manifesting abilities. It’s more about creating a space/home that makes you feel peaceful, restful, and joyful. You should like your space. Scratch that– you should LOVE living in your space!


When you create a sacred space, you create a physical space that you can always go to in order to relax, recharge, and reconnect with your soul/intuition/Spirit Guides. It’s a place where you feel safe and protected and oh so very loved. Sort of like your own special cocoon. Or bear cave hehe!


Of course– the ideal scene is it make your whole home feel like a sacred space, but dedicating one room to be your sacred space or even just one shelf will do wonders for your soul! (and attracting all those miracles!)


You will be able to:

✅ Clear your mind

✅ Relax and recharge

✅ Feel safe and protected

✅ Tune into your intuition/soul for guidance

✅ Get clarity on what steps you need to take moving forward

✅ Feel more grounded before going out there to slay the day

✅ Raise your vibes so you’re aligned with your desires and therefore be way stronger at manifesting what you want faster!

Read on to find out my best tips for creating your own sacred space …


(so you can slay your way through the next decade!)


Pick a space in your home that you would want to go to relax and recharge. It can be an entire room or even just a corner in your bedroom that is nice and quiet.


Each person likes a different aesthetic. So, choose a vibe that feels the best FOR YOU. If soft, light colors is your vibe, then go with that. If you become more alive by darker, witchy vibes, then choose that. Simply ask yourself this: How do I want to feel in this space? Whatever comes to mind, go with that! For example, in my personal Sacred Space, I want to feel safe, nurtured, and loved. 

To create the most pleasing sacred space, you’ll want to create a space that caters to all 5 of your senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. Let’s take them one at a time. Visually, pick things that make you feel the way you want to feel (aka items that are aligned with your vibe). It doesn’t have to look like a yoga studio / an apothecary in order to be sacred. This space is for YOU. So choose what makes you feel good! If cauldrons and dried herbs and paintings of the moon appeals to you, choose those things! If a succulent, white pillows, and some crystals makes you smile, choose those. For me, I have crystals, seashells, candles, my tarot decks, some My Little Ponies, and of course a Disney photo hehe! It makes me feel loved!  And don’t forget lighting! If you love natural light, make sure to have your space by the windows. If you like it dark, get some twinkle lights or candles to create that soft glow
(BONUS tip: Create a Pinterest board and pin some zen spaces for inspo! You can check mine out here: https://www.pinterest.com/yestotheying/)


Music is so helpful in creating a soothing atmosphere. It totally sets the mood quickly! Create a playlist of songs that gets you in the high vibe place. Or you can even get a singing bowl or some wind chimes. You may even want to put a mini fountain in your space to hear that peaceful bubbling of water. I often like to listen to rain or ocean waves on Youtube.


Smell is so underrated, but it really helps to relax the mind when you smell something that pleases you! Take walking into a bakery– that smell of cookies and cakes freshly baked immediately takes you to a certain place in your mind! SO choose some scents that vibe with you. You can use essential oils in a diffuser or some scented candles. I have an obsession with lemongrass at the moment. Brings me clarity of mind and a peacefulness to my heart.


You want to feel comfortable in your sacred space, so choose soft fabrics and things that are cozy to sit on. Big pillows, soft faux fur rug, smooth table cloth. Who wants to sit on a scratchy carpet or a cold, wood floor? Got a nice couch or chair? Use that! And maybe add a super soft knitted blanket to wrap yourself in it. Sounds relaxing, right?


You can’t think clearly if you don’t have proper nutrition, right? So, add a little snack bar or table for tea. You can always make a snack and bring it into your sacred space with you as well! Again, what will make you feel rested and like you are taking care of yourself? Perhaps it’s some peppermint tea or a handful of chocolate covered almonds. I usually opt for a bowl of berries and a huge glass of spring water. And when I’m feeling really bad– a big bowl of popcorn. #myfavoritesnackfood

Once you’ve created your sacred space, post a photo of it on my facebook page! I’d love to see it and I’m sure you’ll inspire others to create theirs as well!





The Universe is ready to shower you with so many magical miracles! Take a step towards your dreams by creating your sacred space and The Universe will take a thousand steps towards you!

Because– Success always starts by saying YES to YOU.

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