Do you love Thai food? I do! And not just because I’m half Thai! Not sure what to order? Here are the 5 best Thai dishes to try.

One of the best things about traveling to Thailand was the food. Food, glorious food!  So delicious, so cheap, and so flavorful! From street stands to fancy restaurants, I took much pleasure in dining on the finest and most authentic Thai food available at super cheap prices ($3 per meal). It was simply heaven!  Granted, each restaurant had a different quality, but these are the best Thai dishes I ate:

1. Pad Thai. Cliche perhaps, but a definite classic. Rice noodles with a peanut sauce, you can order this savory dish with either chicken, beef, or tofu.


2. Panang Curry. Desire decadence? This creamy red curry is a fan favorite all over Thailand. Made with creamy coconut milk, curry paste, and basil leaves, this dish will be begging you devour every last drop of sauce! Choose chicken, beef, or tofu in your curry.


3. Thai Chicken with Cashews. It’s as simple as the name sounds. And tastes even better! Chicken, cashews, and vegetables are stir fried together in fish sauce and soy sauce. Heap this fragrant dish over some rice and you are in cashew chicken heaven!


4. Beef Larb. Not as popular, but definitely one of the best. And my personal favorite! Ground beef is marinated in lots of lime juice, sugar, soy sauce, and chili paste. Cooked with a good helping of fresh onions, garlic, and mint leaves, this dish leaves your mouth watering for more. It is served in a bowl with romaine lettuce on the side. Place a heaping spoon of the larb into your lettuce cup, fold, and eat. For all you Paleo people out there: this one is for you!


5. Papaya Salad. Clean, bright, and refreshing, this salad is a must! Green papaya is shredded up and marinated in lime juice, fish sauce, chiles, mint, and cilantro. Sprinkled with finely chopped peanuts, this salad will cleanse your palate and fuel you with vitamin C, A, B, and strong antioxidants like lycopene!



What Thai dishes are your favorites? Leave comments below!

xoxo, A