Do you have trouble making decisions? Is life complicated? Do you get caught in indecision often no knowing what to do?

I was THE QUEEN of indecision in 2014. I would stand in front of my closet for a solid 20 minutes asking myself: should I wear the white shirt? Or should I wear the blue one? It was awful! I was like that about almost everything. What should I have for lunch? Soup or a salad? Chicken or beef? Should I go vegan or vegetarian? The list goes on and on. Not only was it stressful to worry about these things, but it also was a major WASTE OF TIME. I realized that I could have so much more time in the day to do the things I actually wanted to do if I stopped dilly dallying in indecision all the time. After much research on the most successful business men and women, I found the #1 best way on how to make a decision:

When faced with a situation, ask yourself:

“Do I really want do to this?”

If the answer is not an immediate “YES!”, DON’T DO IT.

It’s literally that simple. Do I want to hang out with this person? Eh… I mean, I should, but… DON’T. If you have to hesitate that long, then deep down, you don’t want to hang out with that person. SO DON’T! Life is short. We are all only given 24 hours in a day. Use your time to do the things that excite you and spend your time with those that nourish your soul.

Trust yourself more. Deep down, you know what’s best for you.

YES TO THE YING THOUGHT OF THE DAY: What has been the most difficult decision for you to make? How did you end up deciding?

xoxo, A