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Charred Broccoli and Pesto Pasta Recipe

Sometimes I get really bored of salads and want some other kind of veggies. I was talking to my girl friend on the phone while walking through Ralph’s whining about how I needed to switch my greens up. As I was perusing the produce section, I noticed that the broccoli was on sale. “Broccoli is […]

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Turkey Dirty Rice Recipe

This weekend was incredibly gloomy for LA. Pouring down rain several days in a row got me missing the soul food I used to eat when I was living in Atlanta.  I always loved soul food because it was hearty, satisfying, and full of spices that tingled my palate. Memories of corn bread, fried okra, […]

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Vegan Raspberry Ice Cream Recipe

Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Oh my god, do I love ice cream! I was craving some of that creamy cold goodness last night, so I opened my freezer to see what I could concoct. To my joy, I found some frozen raspberries and frozen bananas (YES TO THE YING […]

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How to Make Detox Green Soup in 10 Easy Steps

Need to cleanse your system from the weekend? I do! This weekend I ate my way through crazy amounts of chips, popcorn, and a pint of Haagan Das’s Caramel Cone ice cream. Mmm! Unfortunately, it caused me to break out like crazy! I needed to detox ASAP! I searched online for a good detox green […]

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Paleo Brownie in a Mug Recipe

Sometimes it’s late at night and I get a major craving for brownies. But I am too tired to make a whole batch. So I make one serving in a mug instead. Here’s my recipe: PALEO BROWNIE IN A MUG RECIPE Ingredients: 1/4 cup almond flour 1 beaten egg A pinch of salt 2 Tbsp […]

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3 Secrets to make the Best Brownies Ever

Baking brownies makes me feel sexy. Let’s face it: baking anything with chocolate makes me feel sexy. I’ve been making brownies for years, but this is BY FAR the BEST BROWNIES EVER. They are a COFFEE ESPRESSO BROWNIE that is GLUTEN-FREE and SUGAR-FREE! And yes, the taste is out of this world. Not only am I going […]

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