Hip hip Hooray! Mercury is finally out of retrograde! I don’t know about you, but I definitely had to grind through the past couple of weeks way more than usual. And it was exhausting!

Tomorrow night (October 12), there is going to be a New Moon in LIBRA! And I am so excited about this new moon because LIBRA is all about peace, balance, and harmony. I don’t know about you, but I could always use more peace and balance and harmony in my life!

Because Libra is the symbol of balance, great things to wish for during her New Moon are:

  • more love and harmony in your marriage
  • attracting the happy and committed relationship with your true love
  • an abundance of ease, grace, and peace in any and all areas of your life
  • more harmonious relationships with your co-workers and friends
  • teamwork and harmony
  • getting along better with others and becoming more social
  • finding even more soul sisters to work with in harmony and love
  • receiving and accepting more luxury and quality gifts and experiences into your life
  • removing any indecision you may have in your life

Here are some sample wishes:

I want to find myself saying more loving things to my husband/wife that easily bring more love and happiness into our marriage.

I want to easily attract and recognize the best marriage partner for me and begin a happy, loving, committed relationship with that person.

I wish to easily feel balanced and peaceful in all areas of my life.

I wish to collaborate and come up with brilliant solutions that result in a win-win situation for me and my co-workers.

I want to be and express myself in a way that is happy and harmonious for myself and for others easily and gracefully.

I want to embrace and own all of my grace and beauty easily and effortlessly.

I wish to support other people in a way that is also supportive to myself.

I wish to find myself relating to others in a loving, courteous, and tactful way.

I want to easily attract more loving like-minded soul sisters to work with.

I want to find myself graciously accepting gifts from others easily and effortlessly.

I wish to easily attract and purchase high quality tasteful items that I can afford.

I wish to all compulsions of needing everyone to like me lifted from me easily and effortlessly.

If you want to magnify the power of your wishes even more, buy one of my wishing star kits here:


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Much love to you all!

Here’s to all your wishes and dreams coming true!