Have you ever woken up with your mind racing a million miles a minute worrying about every single little thing? How are you going to get the bills paid on time? What if the money doesn’t come? What if people spew hate on your social media? What if you get attacked? What if you he doesn’t like you back? What if you never find The One? What if you never get to where you want be?

One fearful thought starts you down a fast paced tumble down a steep slope snowballing into a huge disaster making it feel like you might be falling to your death. Like getting shoved off a double black diamond slope. With no skis. Or no poles.

Yeah, this weekend was like that for me. Which is BIZARRE because I just came off of having one of the best weeks ever! (Acted in a feature film with celebs, went to Taylor Swift in concert, made sales on my clothing boutique)


If you don’t know this about me, I am a recovering perfectionist. Growing up with a tiger mom, it was beaten in me to work my ass off to succeed. And even when I did succeed, it never seemed to be enough.

Luckily, I’ve worked through loads of this— rewriting my stories and limiting beliefs, tapping into my true power, owning all the beauty of who I truly am, and basically learning how to become the manifesting queen I am today 🙂

While I’ve done massive amounts of healing to gain the confidence I have today, sometimes that fear of never being good enough rears its ugly head again.

And it sucks.

Symptoms include: mini panic attacks, binge eating, depriving myself of sleep, and allowing my mind to be consumed by fear.

No bueno.

FORTUNATELY, I discovered a few things that have helped me unf*ck myself when fear rears its ugly head again.

Here are 3 of my favorite ways to calm my mind:

#1 Take a nap

When your body needs to rest, let it rest. I can’t tell you how many miracles have happened while I have napped. Money rolls into my bank account, checks come in the mail, and I even book acting gigs while I nap. Why? Because I finally take the time to take care of my body and give it the rest it needs. 9 times out of 10, if you can’t think clearly and fear is the most rampant thoughts consuming your mind, you just might need some much needed rest. It also stops the momentum of all those fearful thoughts so that what you truly want can come to you. Try napping for 30 minutes. See how you feel. I personally nap for an hour. But that’s just what my body likes. And how much time it takes for me to stop that fear vibration and start the abundance vibration. (and who doesn’t love to make money while they sleep? hehe!)

#2 Drink some CBD oil

Anxiety has always been an issue for me my whole life. An overachiever, I fed off of that feeling of my heart racing and panicked necessity to get sh*t done. Of course, now that I’m more #wokeAF, I realized that all the action in the world can’t change the negative circumstances in my life if my mind is filled with fear. The fastest way to stop the dwindling spiral of fear and turn that fear into f*cking miracles is CHILL THE EFF OUT. CBD oil has been a godsend! Totally legal in all 50 states and all natural, it slows down my heart rate and calms my mind so I can actually hear what my intuition/soul/Universe is telling me to do. I’ve tried everything under the sun to reduce my anxiety, and CBD oil has truly been the most effective supplement. It’s like a beta blocker without any harmful effects. Totally natural, non-psychotropic effects. Basically, it calms me down and allows me to focus. Which makes me WAY more productive. And happy 🙂 And we love the happy train! Here’s the CBD oil I use: CW Mint Chocolate. (Note: Email me with any questions you have if you want to know more about my experience with it!)

#3 Distract yourself

We get what we focus our attention on. So, if I have been focusing on my fears, I know I have to stop thinking about it. Otherwise they will come true. Once I realize I’m freaking out, I try to find a better feeling though. If I can’t shift my thinking to find a better feeling thought about what I’m worried about, I drop everything I’m doing and distract myself. I watch a good show on Netflix, listen to some music, paint, take a walk outside, or even declutter my house. I distract myself for as long as it takes to feel some sort of relief. That’s my main goal. Find some f*cking relief! Once I achieve that, then I am able to start focusing my attention on solutions to my problems. Bonus: I usually end up realizing that I’m pretty freaking lucky and blessed and have so much going for me which brings back that pep in my step. #boombitches #powerfulAF

The next time you are feeling frustrated or freaking out like a crazy person, don’t beat yourself up. Try one of my three tips! See if it brings you relief.

And share with me below if you have another way you calm your mind when fear is slapping you in the face! I’m always down to hear new ways to find that relief!


Success always starts by saying YES to YOU <3


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Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. I am a Success Coach who enjoys sharing things I like and my personal experiences with you. Please consult a doctor or certified health professional before trying any new supplements.