Today there is a new moon in Pisces. And with the double eclipses happening, it has been quite an emotional doozy of a week! Lots of emotional stuff has been coming up so that we can release it and plant new seeds of what we truly desire in our lives.

In order to help you do that, I have a FREE GIFT for you! My New Moon wishing guide is newly updated and ready for you to download FOR FREE! Why am I giving it to you for free? Because I truly want to help everyone live happily ever after. Cheesy, I know, but I really believe that you can receive everything that your heart desires, whether that is more money, love, success, or well-being. And you can have it come to you RAPIDLY!

I’m also wanting to share this with you because this has really helped me manifest what I truly desire so much more rapidly. And don’t we all want to struggle just a little bit less? #easeuptoreceivemore

New Moon Wishing Guide 2017

This free gift new moon wishing guide shows you how to set your intentions (aka make your wishes) in 3 simple steps. I go into detail on:

  • Why new moon wishing is so powerful
  • What you will need
  • How to write your wishes so they will actually come true
  • What do to after you’ve written your wishes so that they will manifest rapidly

Simply click on the image below to grab your free gift!


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From my open channel to yours, I send you so much love and light!