Ladies– How much money do you spend on your beauty products? $100/month? $200/month?

Let me be the first to admit that I like to look good– I LOVE looking pretty! What does girl doesn’t?? But the fact of the matter is that all these products to look perfectly polished cost a TON of a cash. The beauty industry has made a lot of money off of me with: deep conditioning hair masks, anti-aging cream, eye cream, pore minimizer, tightening skin cream, toner, firming body lotion, primer, cellulite cream, facial masks… the list goes on and on.

One day I looked into my beauty cabinet and thought: There has to be a simpler and more affordable way to look this good without all these expensive productsI So I did some research and eureka! I found a miracle product: COCONUT OIL!

Not only is it healthy to cook with it, but there were tons of ways to substitute it in my beauty regime. Not only was it more affordable, but it was multi-purpose and made me smell like pina coladas on the beaches in the Caribbean!

YES TO THE YING BONUS: for all you travelers and backpackers out there– packing one small bottle of coconut oil instead of twenty skincare products saved me so much space! I went through only one 3 oz. bottle of coconut oil during my one month travel through Thailand!

I immediately went out, bought a jar, and started testing it out. It was genius!


Here are the 6 ways I use coconut oil in my beauty routine:
1. Make-up Remover. To use, place about 10 drops of coconut oil or scoop out a dime sized portion (if oil is in solid form) in your hand. Rub it in both hands and gently massage it onto your face for about one minute. Then take a warm wash cloth and wipe away all of the make up on your face. Voila! A clean face! BONUS: it even takes off waterproof mascara!

2. Facial Cleanser and Day/Night cream. On a dry face, take about 10 drops of coconut oil or a dime sized portion (if the oil is in solid form). Rub it into your skin for about one to three minutes. Take a warm wash cloth and place it onto your face. Allow the heat of the towel to open up your pores for a few seconds before wiping away the oil. Try not to rub the oil off to harshly. Oil actually breaks down oil, so allow it to expel the dirt and impurities, cleaning your skin well. And no need to add a lotion, the oil will stay on your skin to keep it properly hydrated throughout the day. BONUS: coconut oil actually has antibacterial properties. Washing your face with it will help prevent acne and other dirt-clogging problems. NOTE: Do try it out on a small part of your skin first to see if your body will like it.

3. Deep-Conditioning Hair Mask. Take 2-4 tablespoons of coconut oil (depending on your hair length) and massage it into your hair. Focus more on the hair itself and not your scalp. Wrap it up in a bun and leave it on for 30-60min. Shower and shampoo it out. Your hair will be softer and shinier than ever! Not only is it moisturizing and gives you a great shine, but the coconut oil also contains fatty acids that strengthen your hair resulting in less split ends. My hair stylist always asks me how I keep such long luxurious locks. It’s all about the coconut oil! BONUS: For an extra deep conditioning, massage it into your hair at night, wear a shower cap or put a towel over your pillow and sleep on it overnight. The next morning, wake up and shampoo it out.

4. Body Lotion. Take 2-4 drops of oil, rub it between your hands and then massage it into your skin until it is absorbed. NOTE: A little goes a long way, so be careful not to slather it on or you’ll be leaving grease stains on your chairs and your clothes! BONUS: coconut oil removes any rough or flaky texture and removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin silky smooth and giving it a beautiful glow. Who doesn’t love soft skin?!

5. Eye Cream. Before bed, dab 1 drop of coconut oil under each of your eyes. Sleep away all those fine lines and wrinkles. Wake up feeling refreshed!

6. Lip Balm. Dab a little on your lips whenever they are feeling dry. BONUS: Add a few slices of your favorite lipstick or lipgloss for a little color!

Coconut oil did my face and body good!


I saved so much money by using 1 jar of coconut oil instead of most of my beauty products. Here’s a breakdown to show you how much you can save:
1. Makeup Remover: Neutrogena Make-up Wipe Removers. Each pack of 25 wipes costs $6.99.
2. Facial cleanser and Day/Night Cream: I used to use Dr. Brandt’s skincare line. It was almost $200/month for the cleanser and creams. That cost has now been eliminated! I could buy 30 jars of coconut oil which would last me 10 years if I only used it for a cleanser and face cream. Even if you are using Aveeno or Oil of Olay or any drugstore brand, a night cream will cost at minimum $20 and will last you 1 month. You can buy at least 3 jars of coconut oil for that! Just saying.
3. Deep Conditioning Hair Mask. I used to use Wen’s Deep conditioning mask. It was $20 and the small jar only lasted me 3-4 applications at best. Most hair masks will range from $20-50 depending on the brand.
4. Body Lotion. I used Lubriderm or Bath and Body Works lotion. At $7 per bottle that lasted maybe 1 month, you can start to see how the cost adds up. If I was just using coconut oil for lotion, 1 jar would last me about… 4-6 months. That’s like getting 5 months of Bath and Body works lotion for free!
YES TO THE YING TIP: Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to make your coconut oil smell even more delicious! I personally add lavender.
5. Eye Cream. At least $80/1 fl. oz. I used to use Origins (and I LOVED it), but when I saw the wonderful effects the coconut oil had instead, I happily switched over.
6. Lip Balm. How many EOS lip balms do you have? They cost $3 per ball. And as cute as they are, I don’t find that they are as hydrating as coconut oil.

Add it all up and my grand total of savings was over $300 per month!!!

I ended up saving up all that extra cash and using it to travel. It was worth it!IMG_2674

YES TO THE YING TIP: When buying your coconut oil, make sure that it is ORGANIC and UNREFINED extra virgin coconut oil. This kind of oil is the least processed and keeps it the closest to its natural state which provides your body with the yummy nutrients and antioxidants that your skin and body craves. I personally get my jar of organic virgin cold-pressed and unrefined coconut oil at Trader Joe’s. Best part is: it only costs $5.99! Talk about bang for your buck! Which one of your beauty products costs under $10??

I hope you liked my money-saving tips by using coconut oil!

What money-saving tips do you have for your beauty regime?