I love this quote! Often times, I find that I am doing things that don’t make me happy or buying something that I honestly don’t really love. Why do it then??

feel fabulous

Ask yourself these questions to feel more fabulous:

1. Does hanging out with this person make me happy and good about myself? If the answer is yes, then great! If the answer is “eh…” or “not really,” then DON’T DO IT! Life is short, hang out with those people who love you and lift you higher.

2. Does this piece of clothing/accessory make me feel like a million bucks? Do I “the amount on the price tag” love it? If the answer is yes to both questions, then get it! If the answer is no to either one, then DON’T BUY IT. We end up only pulling 20% of our wardrobe out most of the time, so stop filling it with things that you kind of like and start filling it with things that you LOVE. You’ll feel more confident and beautiful when YOU love the things you wear.

3. Is this item useful in my everyday life? Is it a necessity for me to have? Does it bring happiness and joy into my life? If the answers are yes, then keep it. If the answer is no, then get rid of it! I’m a super sentimental person and often hold on to a lot of old cards, clothes, and gifts as mementos. Some of these items do bring me joy, but if that t-shirt or birthday card has been sitting in the back of a drawer for a year and you haven’t touched it, let it go. When we clean out our space, we make room for more good things to come into our life.