October 2018 Forecast— VENUS is in RETROGRADE!

Theme of this month: Love, Self-Worth, and ascending to new levels


Holy guacamole— we officially only have 90 days left of 2018. #panicmode

You may have wanted to finish this year off with a bang, but… have you been feeling a little funky the past few weeks?

Maybe you’ve been questioning your self-worth or second-guessing whether you are really deserving of getting that raise or buying that coveted item that caught your eye.

Maybe you saw a gorgeous burgundy sweater at Nordstrom and thought: OMG— I LOVE that!! I have to have it!

But then looked at the price tag and said to yourself Oof… $30!! I don’t know if I should spend $30 on that right now. There are more important things I should spend my $30 on. Like, pay my bills. I love it, but… I shouldn’t… priorities.

And then with a sad and heavy heart, you said goodbye to that gorgeous sweater (that wasn’t really that expensive to begin with) and walked away, feeling completely dejected and undeserving. (Yes, maybe I am talking about myself. Yes, maybe this happened to me last week. #truestory)

IF you’ve been experiencing something similar to that, YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!

Venus is going into retrograde on October 5th, which means you’ve been feeling glimpses of it during this past shadow month.

Because Venus (the planet of love, beauty, and money) is going into retrograde this month (from Oct 5 – Nov 16), this month is aaaalllll about LOVE & SELF-WORTH. Venus wants to remind you that you are worthy of everything you desire— including gorgeous burgundy sweaters!!

And not just romantic love, but love for yourself. #loveyourselffirst

AND— since Venus is going retrograde in Scorpio, you will experience a lot of old issues that you may have buried come to light.

NOOOOOOO!!!! (you may scream)

NOT AGAIN!!!!!! 

But it’s okay!! It’s actually a GREAT THING!!!

You might be thinking: OMG, Alicia— you are f***ing crazy! I don’t want to go through any more emotional heartbreak and painful!

And I say: I totally hear you! And I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be heart breaking. And it doesn’t have to be painful. This month can actually be full of RELIEF and HEALING.

Say it with me:


Ahhhh…. see? Doesn’t that feel better? #ivegotyourback

So, here’s a breakdown of what’s happening this month:

Venus is going into retrograde on Oct 5th to help you love yourself more fully! It will bring up what you haven’t acknowledged and show you this through your relationships with others. They will be a mirror to where you might be devaluing yourself and where you can increase your self-worth. And the more your increase your self-worth, the more you will increase your net worth aka become a bigger money magnet!! #abundanceisyourbirthright

You will be reassessing and re-evaluating your relationships to yourself, your self-worth, your self-love, your friendships, your romantic relationships, your beauty, and your money.

New moon in Libra is happening on Oct 8 which will bring in a lighter, fresher energy that will definitely be enjoyed! You will feel more open, more expansive, and more receptive to the abundance of golden opportunities that The Universe has in store for you— YAY! This is a wonderful new moon for seeing that even if a door has closed, The Universe has a window open for you. #theuniversehasyourback.

What’s so great about this New Moon in Libra energy is that this is a perfect chance to see your life from a fresh perspective. You have grown so much over the past year and have gained so much wisdom from all the inner work you have done so far. Now is a perfect time to graduate to the next level and build a new layer of stability and foundation to approach all of your dreams, wishes, and desires from a new perspective! #worksmarternotharder #alignedisthenewhustle

Following the new moon, the 10th day of October (10/10) unlocks a powerful gateway of energy that is all about taking steps in a new direction. This is a time to find new potential in what you have been working on and really solidify what kinds of relationships and connections you want in your life as well as how you want to build your business/income.

Then the full moon in Taurus is happening on Oct 24 which asks you to release and let go of those relationships, connections, and systems that are not bringing you joy.  This is a perfect time to take the lessons from this Venus Retrograde to heart and assess the relationships in your life. Especially with money, this is a time to review your finances. Set up systems that create more stability and security for you financially. Release and restructure old beliefs or habits that drain you of the wealth and freedom you desire.

In Numerology, October is a 12 universal month, so it is all about SURRENDER. LET GO AND LET THE UNIVERSE GUIDE YOU! The Universe wants you to succeed and live the prosperous life filled with love that you’ve always wanted to lead! This is a month to truly practice co-creation with The Universe. Let The Universe help you. Give it to God as you will. Ask for The Universe to help you and let it bring you the magical relationships, money, and miracles you desire. You don’t have to control it all or do it all by yourself. You are not alone. The Universe wants to help you. So let it 🙂 [insert “surrender stephen” gif/movie clip]


This month is chock full of healing that will feel so good for your soul!

And this is really a month to focus on the JOY OF CONNECTION.

Connection to other like-minded souls.
Connection to yourself.
Connection to your heart.
Connection to your body.
Connection to your soul.
Connection to The Universe. #weareallone

Venus is really asking us to look for and fill our lives with positive and loving connections. She will highlight which connections are working and which ones are no longer working.

Meaningful connections brings more joy and enthusiasm and love into our lives. So the more we can create those, the more love and money we will receive.

3 Action Steps 

To get the most out of this month, here are 3 simple actions you can take:

1  Pay attention to how joyous you feel. What can you do to bring more joy into your life? Where can you build more joyful connections? The more you build your new foundation on things and people that bring you joy, the more prosperous you will become!

Allow yourself to be guided. Ask The Universe to give you signs and follow them. Tune in to your heart. What is it telling you it wants? Go do that. If you can’t hear what your soul is trying to tell you to do, notice how you feel. If someone or something is making you feel bad, get rid of it. If it is bringing a smile to your face or squeals of joy, hang out with that person/buy that thing/do that action. Using your joy as a guide will always lead you to greatness!

3  Connect to your heart and speak your truth. Since this month is all about discovering what relationships bring you the most joy, the best way to do that is to be YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF first. You can’t attract soulmate connections or golden opportunities if you are not being your true self! So, even if it is scary— even if you are afraid that someone won’t like you for who you truly are, speak from your heart everyday. a) it feels good b) you’ll totally attract others who truly want to love you and lift you higher! (And isn’t that what we all want anyway?) P.S. if anyone tries to shame you for being you or decides to unfriend you, it’s a good thing!! It is only a wonderful sign that you are truly ascending to the next level of your life where you are supposed to be! #riseup #takeyourplaceasqueenorking

I hope this helps you navigate through this month’s healing energy!

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And Success starts by saying YES to YOU!