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Struggling to get known as an artist?

Do you feel like you are doing everything to launch  your career
and yet nothing is working?

Do you feel like you don’t have enough time
to juggle your career and your day job?

Do you doubt yourself and wonder if you have what it takes
to make your mark in your industry?

I feel you and I’ve totally been there. It’s not easy to still believe you can make your dreams of being a successful artist come true when you’re constantly told no and you’re not getting the opportunities you feel you deserve. You work so hard to improve your craft and do all these things to get yourself recognized, but it just feels like all that work was for nothing. Because you are still BROKE and not getting paid.


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Imagine knowing with ULTIMATE CLARITY what exact steps you need to take in order to turn your passion into paychecks and land that dream job without wasting a ton of time or money!

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Guess again!


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This is my personal kickass game plan that actually
gets me booked work and paid gigs.

I have used this exact method to garner my own success as an artist as well as the success of dozens of talented artists like yourself.
And now you can have it too!


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Here is a modeling job I did for Coca-Cola


Here is a national commercial I shot for Holiday Inn Express

What is this magical plan?! And how can I get it?!
You may ask.

I’ll tell you!



The magical plan is my 3-step success strategy that shows you how to take your career back into your own hands so you get paid to do what you love. (If you can count to three, then you can do this too!)

The LIBERATED Course consists of workbooks and video trainings where I walk you through the secrets of making it as an artist and how you can start creating your success today!

The Liberated Course is specifically designed to:

  • eliminate your fears and doubts
  • get you into the right mindset
  • get you excited about your goals so you WANT to take action on it everyday
  • lay out your grand plan in detail so any and all confusion will no longer exist
  • save you time and money by plotting out exactly what you need to do in order to get to where you want to go
  • show you how to implement your plan into your daily life with less stress
  • move you towards your goal so you can achieve it easily and effortlessly



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Want more deets?

I got you girl!



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Module 1-1

Module 2-1

Module 3-1


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It gets better… there’s more!

Say what?!


For this epic launch, and only now, I am offering the course to
the first 20 people
a Bonus VIP package!
BAM! #gimmegimmemore !

The Bonus VIP package includes:

  • a 30 minute private one-on-one coaching session with yours truly ($150 value)
  • one edit on your strategy plan via email to flush out what daily actions you can take ($97 value)
  • How to manifest job opportunities eBook ($97 value)


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The Liberated Course is delivered over 3 weeks to get you on track towards your dreams quickly and efficiently!  For those of you who crave the red carpet treatment , you’re gonna love this!

You will get:

  • The entire 3 modules of videos & workbooks sent to you over the course of 3 weeks
  • Private FB group to ask me any questions (I am on there daily)
  • Lifetime access to all the course materials
  • Surprise bonuses on how to market your strengths and magically pull in those dream job opportunities!
  • Weekly Skype calls with me (yours truly) to customize your success strategy and help you detangle your fears and doubts throughout the process
  • The step-by-step method you need to take your career to the next level
  • PLUS– Weekly email bonuses and VIP treats to keep you motivated and on track

This is a 3-week experience where you’ll be able to have me personally walk you through the course empowering you every step of the way so you can start making your dreams come true immediately!

A-Listers have coaches who help them steer their careers in the right direction. Now you can have one too!

The LIBERATED Course is a one-time easy payment of $297.



If you are ready to:

  • Get to the next level in your career

  • Make your mark in your industry

  • Manage your time so you can make more cash

  • Do work you love without degrading yourself

  • Banish those fears and doubts once and for all

  • And make a difference in the world with your art

Then take the leap and get the LIBERATED Course now!






I think the Liberated Course is uh-MAZING, but…

Don’t just take my word on it. Check out what these lovely ladies have to say!


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Vertical Testimonial Jessica
Vertical Testimonial Sophie






Who the heck am I?

Allow me to introduce myself



My coaching clients have had incredible success.  After coaching with me, 

  • one client got THREE offers to write scripts for Lifetime and ABC
  • another client is publishing her first book
  • another client booked a recurring role on “Orange is the New Black”
  • another client booked a lead role in a huge summer blockbuster movie starring with A-List actors



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 I wanna be straight with you and let you know that there are some HUGE misconceptions about what it actually takes to become a well-paid and well-known artist.

Here are some things I want you to know before you purchase this course:

  1. You’re going to have to be willing to forget all of the lies that the world has told you about your ability to succeed as an artist and open your mind to new ways of thinking.
  2. Liberating yourself from the starving artist mindset takes guts. You’re going to have to dig deep to discover what is truly holding you back. But don’t worry– I’ll be there to help you figure it out!
  3. The Liberated Course is a system that helps you customize the best success strategy FOR YOU.  It is personal, it is real, and it is designed to make you feel GOOD. You won’t need to be confused or stressed again! Once you have the system down, you can use the steps over and over and over again to get your career to the next level and achieve any dream in your life. #toolsforlife #hellsyeah
  4. By the end of the course, you will be able to save so much time and money making your artistic dreams a reality. Why? Because you will know exactly which actions are effective and which ones are a waste of your time. PLUS– you will be able to use this method again and again and again to achieve any new dream or goal you desire!
  5. You have to be willing to say YES to YOU. You are important. Your art is important. And the world needs to have your special gifts. You can have all the success you desire AND make a difference in people’s lives. All you have to do is say YES to YOU. You are ready. This is your time to shine!



Who should buy this course?

Anyone with creative career aspirations – actors, screenwriters, singers, writers, jewelry makers, painters, travel junkies, etc.
Anyone just beginning their career, is dying to book that first big gig, or wants to take their career to the next level.
Anyone who knows they have the talent and the passion, but are overwhelmed with all the possible paths to take or unsure of what course of action to take to achieve your dreams.

Who should not buy this course?

Anyone with non-creative career aspirations – producers, accountants, sales representatives, etc.
Anyone who is set in their ways, a negative Nancy, who doesn’t believe that change is possible or willing to try anything new.

Do you offer refunds?

Because you will be able to download the entire course right away, I do not offer refunds. (I would hate for someone to ask for a refund and then still use the course materials anyway #cheapskate #badkarma). I will, however, be on the FB group daily to help you through any part of the course that you are stuck on as well as be available on weekly live calls to help you get the most out of this course. You can always email me as well. I truly want to help you succeed and achieve your dreams, so take advantage of me during the 3 weeks. I’m here for you!

Can’t I just figure this out on my own?

Of course you can! It just might take you months or even years to figure out what actually works for you.  My method takes so much guess work out of the equation and helps you clarify exactly which path is going to give you the most success. There are a million ways to become a well-known artist. I can help you find the way that works best for you and actually FEELS GOOD too! #youcanhaveitall

What if I don’t have the time to do the course?

Not a problem. Once you download it, you will have access to this course for life! You can do it whenever you want. So technically, you have all the time in the world to do it. Yay!

Do I really need this right now?

Only you can answer that for yourself. Let me ask you: Are you happy with where you are at with your career? If the answer is no, then you might very well need this RTFN. Why waste another day frustrated and stressed out when you can finally gain the clarity you crave in order to get the success you’ve always desired? You are worthy. You are talented. You are ready. I am here for you! All you have to do is say YES to YOU and click the button at the bottom of the page. #thisisyourtime

How is this different from every other course out there?

This is different because I give you the tools to strengthen your mindset AND write out your sure fire success plan that you can start taking action on immediately. Good Attitude + Inspired Action = Massive Success! We are full service up in here! Most courses will tell you that their way is THE way to succeed. In this course, you are going to develop a strategy that works best FOR YOU. The strategy that works for me may not work for you. And that’s okay! What’s great about the Liberated Course is that YOU get to decide what is the best course of action FOR YOU. YOU get to discover what lights you up inside and what actually FEELS GOOD. This course empowers you to become known as the amazing artist you know you are  with positivity and love.



If you are fed up with…

  • doing all the right things and getting no results
  • not having enough time to put into your artistic career AND juggle your day job
  • being stressed out about how much money it costs to get yourself known and meet the right people
  • not being taken seriously as an artist with a creative vision
  • being affected by all the “downers” and fears that maybe you aren’t good enough

And you are ready to…

  • market yourself without feeling inauthentic
  • manage your time so you can make more cash
  • stay motivated while balancing home life and your day job
  • get to the next level in your career
  • attract opportunities to prove yourself against others
  • be known in your industry and do work you love without degrading yourself

Say YES to YOU
& get the Liberated Course NOW!